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Vehicle Access Control

No-more white visitor books or clumsy scanners.

Vehicle Access Control

People Access Control

Only efficient and safe data tracking

People Access Control

Vehicle and People Access Control

Access is a locally developed Access Control Systems for both Vehicle and Pedestrian traffic that replace the ‘old’ and defunct visitors sign-in book. Access utilizes an Android app to capture visitor data and a web backend to access this information. 

View a live demo of Instacom ACCESS below:

Key Benefits of our intuitive ACCESS control solution:


With a low software and hardware cost, installation and running cost of the system is extremely affordable.

Reliable, Secure and Accessible Data

All your data is stored on our secure servers and is always accessible.

User Friendly

Almost every person knows how to operate a smart phone, which ensures easy adoption of the app and quick training times.

Simultaneous Servicing

Low hardware costs allow for multiple pedestrians and/or vehicles to be serviced at a time.

Multiple Photos

Photos can be taken of the driver, license, boot and vehicle. This gets stored collectively for even more security.

Access Status

No more need for attempting to remember who is and is not allowed onto the premises. A Blacklist and Whitelist is made up for quick response.

Available on Android

vehicle people control1
vehicle people control3
vehicle people control2

Modular System Design

Every feature of Access is built as its own module, which allows you to custom build a version of the app which best suites your sites policies, protocols & procedures. This ensures that our system works around you, and not the other way around.

System Features

  • Drivers License Scanning
  • Vehicle Disc Scanning (Make, Model, Color, Registration, Expiry)
  • Reason for Entry
  • Destination Input
  • Multiple Photos
  • POPI Compliant
  • Multiple Barcode Scanning
  • Text Input
  • Voice Notes
  • Entry and Exit Times
  • Number of Passengers
  • Whitelisting & Blacklisting
  • Site Traffic Analytics
  • Full History of all Transactions
  • Searchable History (Searchable on any Captured Criteria)
  • Reliable Backups and Redundancy
  • Highly Customizable
  • Self Service Admin Backend

White Visitors Book


Key Concerns:

Not POPI compliant

Time Consuming

Unreliable Information

Insecure Information

Inaccessible Data

Handheld Scanner


Key Concerns:


Site Specific Customization

Simultaneous Servicing


Limited Lifespan




Easy to integrate, implement and deploy

Scalable and flexible

Time-saving and reliable data

FREE updates to new versions

Reliable backup and support

Affordable pricing

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