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Push to Talk over Smart Device

Similar to two-way radio.  Talk one on one.

Push to Talk over Smart Device

Secure Push to Talk Solution.

Talk one too many.  Secure Encrypted communication.

Secure Push to Talk Solution.

World class Push to Talk Solution

Talk securely over Broadcasted Groups.  Conversation logging possible.

World class Push to Talk Solution

Push to Talk (PTT) (this service includes free instant messages)

Push to Talk is a National two-way radio service for businesses that prefer the stability of mobile phones instead of traditional two-way radio systems.


PTT utilizes national cell phone networks for communication. Similar to two-way radios, broadcasts can be made to everyone on the network, but with Push to Talk, users can now communicate one-on-one, one too many or in Broadcast Groups

Push-to-Talk allows instant voice communication to all mobile users on the network. This function allows staff to focus on the job at hand while being supported by highly stable, reliable and endless communication.

Instacom’s Push-to-Talk is a simple, yet effective application which can be incorporated into almost any modern day mobile smartphone. It therefore reduces the need for additional mobile radios should users already have a compatible handset. Instacom’s devices can also be utilised as regular mobile phones. There is no need to carry both a mobile phone and radio devices. 

Inquire now for the most stable, reliable and affordable PTT communication in Sub Saharan Africa.



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Push to Talk vs Two Way Radio... the facts.


Two Way Radios

Trunking Radios

Instacom Push To Talk

Instant CommunicationYESNOYES
Central DispatchYESYESYES
One-to-Many CommunicationYESYESYES
Presence ListNONOYES
Status UpdatesNONOYES
Wifi CompatibleNONOYES
Built in SecurityNOYESYES
Voice CommunicationYESYESYES
Multiple Operating GSM SystemsNONOYES
Easy deployment NOYESYES
99% Coverage across South AfricaNONOYES
National / International CoverageNONOYES
Low / No MaintenanceNONOYES
Coverage increase by 400+ towers AnnuallyNONOYES
Number of Coverage TowersN/A+/- 300+/- 6 000

Push to Talk FAQ

  What is Push To Talk?


Push To Talk (PTT) is a two way radio like service for businesses that uses GSM mobile phones instead of traditional 2-way radios or Two way radio users, looking for more stable and effective communication. Like a 2-way radio you can broadcast to everyone, but you can also talk privately on a one-to-one basis or to a small group of users. You can also use it as a regular mobile phone which avoids the need to carry a phone and a radio. Biggest advantages are virtually unlimited coverage, ease of use and no maintenance cost.


  How does Push To Talk (PTT) work?


The Push To Talk (PTT) service uses the GSM mobile phone network rather than radio base stations. When a Push To Talk (PTT) call is made, instead of making a phone call, the voice message is transmitted over the phone's data channel direct to Instacoms Push To Talk (PTT) servers. The Instacom servers then forward the speech to the intended user or users, which results in the message being played out of the phone's loudspeaker. All of this happens without the need to answer the call which makes the communication much more immediate than a mobile phone call. Because the Instacom infrastructure is integrated into the SA's major mobile phone networks, it is possible to make and receive Push To Talk (PTT) calls Nationally.


  How will the Push To Solution save my business money?


Push to Talk can save your business money on communication costs and by driving business efficiencies. A Push to Talk solution can work out cheaper than alternative technology, such as 2-way radio, Trunking and portal phone (DECT) systems, as there is no need to pay the expensive licence, set up and hardware costs, it also utilizes existing mobile handsets and mobile tariffs and benefits from global coverage. Push to Talk can play a key part in workforce management and hence drive greater efficiencies to allow staffing and operational costs to be reduced.


  How will your Push To Solution benefit my business?


Our PTX service allows teams to communicate effectively and gives your control desk greater control, helping lone or remote workers to work more efficiently, increasing productivity. PTX technology combines instant one-to-one or one-to-many communications with global coverage. Using Push To Talk and Push To Locate also helps protect your lone workers as part of compliance with HSE and Corporate Manslaughter regulations.


  What is the benefit over my current radio system?


The major benefit is service coverage. As Push To Talk (PTT) uses the global GSM mobile networks, the range of the service is restricted only by the coverage of the mobile phone networks, a range of approximately 90% (estimate)of the South Africa. PTT can also perform better than mobile phones during periods of heavy network congestion, for example during a large event or emergency situation. Unlike phone calls which are blocked when all the available voice channels in a cell are in use, Push To Talk (PTT) uses the data channel which slows down under congestion but is much more likely to remain available.


  Which mobile networks does Push to Talk work with?


Instacom's Push to Talk is currently available on all Major Networks in South Africa.


  Do I need a separate Push to Talk handset?


No, although Instacom offer exceptional Rugged handsets, our Push to Talk service can also be loaded to most Smartphones, including but not limited to Android. iPhone, Windows, Windows Mobile etc.


  How long does it take to set-up?


The Push to Talk service is built around our unique Provisioning Portal which is designed to fully manage end users remotely. Free Demo is also ready available for all clients to test the service on their own devices for 7 days. Using this system a user can be set up on the service in a matter of minutes. But, we allow a complete customer registration period of 48 - 72 Hours, due to network registration.


  How many user groups can I create?


It depends on which mobile phone you are using but all phones can support a maximum of 10 groups per handset and most can support many more. 10 groups is expected to be sufficient for most users and their applications.


  What is the maximum number of users in each group?


You are able to set up a maximum of 100 users per group.


  Is there a minimum term contract?


The minimum contract term is 24 months, but may change from time to time.


  Our organisation has a mobile contract. Can we still get Instacom Push to Talk?


Yes, it can usually be added to your existing service, If your Network provider is does not support the service, you are able to subscribe directly with Instacom. We will work with you to ensure you get access to world class Push to Talk experience.


  What do I need to start using Push to Talk?


A compatible phone, a Simcard, and the Instacom Push to Talk Service.


  What happens when I receive a Push to Talk call while on a regular voice call?


During a phone call your Push to Talk state is automatically set to "Do Not Disturb" so that you will not be interrupted. At the end of the phone call, your Push to Talk state reverts back to its original setting. 



  How much data does Push to Talk use?


Push to Talk uses on average about 15kb per push.


  Will Instacom's Push to Talk work nationwide?


Yes, you just need to make sure you have a GSM signal. Please refer to your Networks coverage map for Edge, 3G or 4G data services.


  Can I use Instacoms Push to Talk overseas?


Yes, provided that your phone has a mobile signal, Edge, 3G or 4G Data is available, simply swap sims to the country you visiting or alternatively activate Roaming. (Roaming is not advised as the first choice, due to high costs)


  How much will it cost to use Instacom's Push to Talk overseas?


This will depend on the country you are visiting and the mobile package you are on. Using data abroad is usually more expensive than in South Africa, so we recommend you consult your Network.


  How does the Push to Locate (GPS tracking) feature work?


With Push to Locate enabled GPS mobile devices users locations can be tracked in real-time. This is a great tool to keep control of staff, in particular, Security Guards, as our Push to Locate is designed to cater for Live monitoring of Guard Patrols, etc.

Push to IM

Push to IM (Instant Message), offers real time, unlimited instant messaging on any Instacom mobile device or smartphone. 


Unlike SMS text messaging, the Push to IM presence indicator lets users know which members are online and available, ensuring messages are delivered to the right person exactly when needed.


Instacom’s “Push to” applications offer multiple communication applications in a single presence list. Members can be grouped into Push-to-Talk groups. The “buddy list” indicates the availability status of the members and allows users to not only PTT available members but also to send instant messages to the entire buddy list, single users or multiple users at once.


Your Push to IM application is an extension to your mobile device. This application can be incorporated into a control room installed on most modern PC Computers.  Push to IM is a complimentary service included with Instacom’s Push-to-Talk application.


Instacom's Push to IM service allows a workforce to transmit short, text-based messages between any users regardless of whether they are fixed (PC based) or mobile. Fully integrated with the Push to Talk service, this enhances the end user experience and mitigates the need to use separate, potentially more expensive alternatives. 


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