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Instacom, securing your world while contributing to the protection of our wildlife heritage.

Instacom CSI
 August 21, 2015
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Instacom Cares

Instacom believes in wildlife sustainability and conservation.  Securing your world with world class ptt technology is important to us, but what will be left to secure if we do not invest in people and wildlife.  It is because of this that we deemed The Wildlife Conservation Trust & Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre as a worthy recipient of some much needed help.


We are honoured to be associated with these worthy causes and humbled by the oportunity to make a difference.  Below is a letter of appreciation for our contribution.   We challenge all corporates to make a difference in the world they live in.

Supporting the Wildlife Conservation Trust & Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre 

Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) herewith wishes to thank Instacom for your valuable support to our Endangered Species and Education Project.  Through your support towards WCT, we are able to continue and expand the projects at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre and are extremely grateful for the security radios and PC. Without partners like you the WCT and HESC as such, will not be able to do what we do.  


The activities of WCT, as described on page two of the trust deed, are inter alia die following:


“Engaging in the conservation, rehabilitation or protection of wildlife; The care of animals, including the rehabilitation, or prevention of the ill-treatment of animals; The promotion of, and education and training programmes relating to, environmental awareness; Educational enrichment, academic support, supplementary tuition or outreach programmes for the poor and needy; Training for unemployed persons with the purpose of enabling them to obtain employment;  The provisions of school buildings or equipment for public schools and educational institutions engaged in public benefit activities.” 


In lieu of your support,  this certificate is a distillation of our gratitude for your unwavering support for a cause that we all strongly believe in.  


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