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Guard monitoring, management and communication

 February 22, 2013
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Instacom, a South African based telecommunications company and Mobile Tornado partner brings the security industry their latest product, the Toughshield.  The Toughshield is an all-in-one guard monitoring, management and communication solution designed to change the way modern industry sees guard management efficiency.


The Toughshield offers a unique alternative to the more traditional two way radios used in most industries today. Instacom’s recent partnership with Mobile Tornado has brought this disruptive technology to the African continent in the form of a Push to Talk service. Push to talk offers instant communication to individuals or a group of remote users through the power of mobile networks.  In comparison to trunking or digital two way radios the Toughshiled offers greater communication stability without the need for trunking towers, digital receivers or antennas.    


The Toughshild uses the latest in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which brings interactivity between the device, user and management tool. Using NFC security guard management has never been easier.  Operations managers and supervisors can constantly monitor guard activity by placing programmable NFC tags or barcodes at specific locations on site.  The Toughshied can then scans these tags which then opts security guards to input necessary information require for that location.  The data captured at each tag can be immediately sent to a designated supervisor and is automatically recoded on the data management system.


Instacom’s Toughshild has smartphone capabilities which allow even the most complex situations to be easily reported.  Using text message, pictures and sound clips guards can effectively report any vandalism, theft or violence that may have occurred.  Another great positive about data being pushed over mobile networks is an endless limit to the amount of information that can shared between users. This is an ideal feature when working in a bustling industry like security where a high priority lies in fast, effective communication and the most efficient team management. 


Nellis Basson, director of Instacom says, "Until now, we have provided our customers with a range of Push to Talk and tracking systems, but the new Toughshield will take this offering to a new level. This device means that we can provide our customers with exceptional service and offer them the latest communication solutions."

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