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Instacom, securing your world while contributing to the protection of our wildlife heritage.

BY Instacom CSI

Instacom believes in wildlife sustainability and conservation.  Securing your world with world class ptt technology is important to us, but what will be left to secure if we do not invest in people and wildlife.  It is because of this that we deemed The Wildlife Conservation Trust & Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre as a worthy recipient of some much needed help.


We are honoured to be associated with these worthy causes and humbled by the oportunity to make a difference.  Below is a letter of appreciation for our contribution.   We challenge all corporates to make a difference in the world they live in.

Instacom CSI
 August 21, 2015
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Instacom Cares

Instacom at Securex South Africa - 12 -14 May 2015

BY Admin

Calling all businesses in the security, transport, logistics, construction, mining, health care and public sectors.  The Instacom Team is unable to contain their excitement about our attendance at Securex 2015, Africa’s leading security and fire exhibition for industry professionals. 


We are looking forward to meeting you and showcasing our World Class Push to Talk Solutions.  Push to Talk is our cutting edge integrated Two Way radio service over smart device.  We will be demonstrating its other functions including Live Guard Patrol, SOS, Tracking and Workflow Management at our stand.  Instacom will also be showcasing First World rugged devices to pair with our solutions. 


A team of experts, with more than 30 years combined experience in Telecommunication, will be on call to advise you on our technology and how best to apply it to your specific environment.  Instacom prides itself in being the only company that can offer you a holistic solution, software and hardware, at affordable prices.  Our products are the final evolution in two way radio communication technology.


Want to save?  Visit our stall.  Buy 10 Ruggear RG500 Devices and get one free.  This promotion is valid for purchase at our stall only during the Expo.  Our Lucky Draw will also be rewarding one visitor with the new FLIR One Thermal Camera solution.


Don’t miss out!  It is time to replace your outdated two way radio technology.  Transition to PTT is simple and affordable.  Come to our stall (stand H03, Hall 3) and find out how?  

 March 30, 2015
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World class Push-to-Talk technology now available for IPhone users.

BY Admin

Why are you still waiting to use market leading Push-to-Talk technology on your IPhone? 

Instacom Push-to-Talk, powered by Mobile Tornado, has proven to be ahead of the pack as always.  Not only have they shifted the old two way radio paradigm, but they also transformed the way South Africans use this technology.  Finally you can be assured of national two way communication with superior voice quality over any smartphone or network.  The latest addition to their innovative offerings is the inclusion of an updated IPhone solution to empower IOS users.  This move has reinforced their status as the pioneers of PTT communication technology in Africa. 

Instacom Push-to-Talk is smarter, faster and more intuitive than any other free offering available.  This product is the only Carrier Grade PTT solution approved and adopted by all major Carriers in South Africa.  It is fully encrypted and ideal for Police, Government, Municipalities, Security, Neighbourhood Watch and other sectors that require safe, fast, clear and reliable instant communication. 

Instacom PTT (Push-to-Talk) is an instant replacement for your outdated conventional two way radio system.  Rollover is affordable as this solution requires no Capex, no updated hardware or High Site maintenance and is cost effective to operate.  The product offers superior coverage, secure communication, ease of use, one to one or one too many communication, SOS (Panic Button)and instant alert features.  All of this is now available at a discounted rate of only R99.00 per license.


Use Instacom PTT on a wide variety of rugged devices or your existing IOS, Android, Win Mobile, Windows 6.5, Blackberry 8 compatible smart phones.  Cross-Platform communication is possible and staying in touch has never been this simple.

Truly the superior choice in two way communication; Any Smartphone, Any Network, Anywhere… Connected!

 September 22, 2014
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Press Release

Price of cutting edge Push to Talk technology slashed!

BY Admin


Are you still stuck in yesterday?  Trying to contact somebody over two way radio is like playing broken telephone.


Finally you can be connected to one or many people at the push of a button.  Instacom Push to Talk, powered by Mobile Tornado pushes the boundaries and sets the new benchmark for two way radio communication.  Our technology is finally providing a viable alternative for replacing your old outdated two way radio devices and networks. 


If you are a first responder or working in any environment that requires instant communication you will understand the value of push to talk.  We do! 


Instacom would like to offer you the most innovative and trusted Push to Talk Solution in Africa at a discounted rate of R99.00 per month. This includes unlimited messages (individual or group) and calls.  Our solution is widely used and received glowing testimonials across many industries.


Clear, crisp and fast communication is an absolute necessity when somebody else’s life is in your hands.  Delays or Incorrect information received via radio can mean the difference between life and death.  This fact has motivated us to slash the price of our Push to Talk offering from R 220.00 per license to only R99.00.


Instacom, Push to Talk ensures rapid, clear communication at the push of the button by making use of mobile networks for connectivity instead of antennas and radio towers. This means that no message will be lost. We have made this solution available on all platforms- Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.  Turn your existing smartphone into a cutting edge two way radio solution instantly.


Let Instacom Push to talk be the reason no message- be it globally or locally- is ever delayed or delivered incorrectly.  Any smartphone… Any network… Anywhere… Connected!


Visit for more information or call us on 087 260 2030 to speak to a product expert now.


 September 11, 2014
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Press Release

Take two way radio communications to the next level. Instacom’s Toughshield out to sets the benchmark.

BY dmi

In a hustling Eastern Cape economy, stable, reliable and effective communication is vital in any modern day business.   Twenty first century companies are facing tougher competition, tighter deadlines and increased workflow coordination pressures.  Thanks to innovative technology and forward thinking companies there are ways to help streamline procedures, keeping businesses at benchmark performance.


Instacom is proud to offer companies the most stable, reliable and affordable push to talk technology on the market.  This disruptive technology surpasses traditional two way radios by sending communication data through mobile networks instead of antenna or radio towers.  Push to Talk communicates not only to an entire network but also with individuals on a one on one basis.

Instacom devices are constantly connected ensuring a lightning fast sub 500ms session start up time, with an unlimited data session size users are able to communicate across the network with complete peace of mind. 


Instacom does not only offer unlimited push to talk communication at a fixed monthly rate, we also include unlimited instant messages.  Working on the same principle as Push to Talk, Push to IM can immediately send messages to entire groups or individuals within groups. Whether it is necessary to leave a note, send through a report or just stay in touch, Push to IM is always connected and readily available.


Instacom's latest device, the Toughshield is a tough, rugged, military tested smartphone designed to withstand the stresses of modern business environments.  It is highly resistant to both water and dust, the tough Gorilla Glass screen with IP 67 protection rating ensures the device can withstand drops on to concrete of up to 1.2 metres.   


Instacom’s PC Client ensures all user communication is instantly recorded.  This useful application stores and organises endless amounts of communication data resulting in fast and effective reporting. This desktop software tool allows users to communicate using Push to Talk and Push to IM directly to all remotely active devices from one central location.

Instacom is the sole supplier of the Toughshield in Sub Saharan Africa and have been changing the way organisations communicate for nearly four years. 

 March 15, 2013
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Guard monitoring, management and communication

BY dmi

Instacom, a South African based telecommunications company and Mobile Tornado partner brings the security industry their latest product, the Toughshield.  The Toughshield is an all-in-one guard monitoring, management and communication solution designed to change the way modern industry sees guard management efficiency.


The Toughshield offers a unique alternative to the more traditional two way radios used in most industries today. Instacom’s recent partnership with Mobile Tornado has brought this disruptive technology to the African continent in the form of a Push to Talk service. Push to talk offers instant communication to individuals or a group of remote users through the power of mobile networks.  In comparison to trunking or digital two way radios the Toughshiled offers greater communication stability without the need for trunking towers, digital receivers or antennas.    


The Toughshild uses the latest in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which brings interactivity between the device, user and management tool. Using NFC security guard management has never been easier.  Operations managers and supervisors can constantly monitor guard activity by placing programmable NFC tags or barcodes at specific locations on site.  The Toughshied can then scans these tags which then opts security guards to input necessary information require for that location.  The data captured at each tag can be immediately sent to a designated supervisor and is automatically recoded on the data management system.


Instacom’s Toughshild has smartphone capabilities which allow even the most complex situations to be easily reported.  Using text message, pictures and sound clips guards can effectively report any vandalism, theft or violence that may have occurred.  Another great positive about data being pushed over mobile networks is an endless limit to the amount of information that can shared between users. This is an ideal feature when working in a bustling industry like security where a high priority lies in fast, effective communication and the most efficient team management. 


Nellis Basson, director of Instacom says, "Until now, we have provided our customers with a range of Push to Talk and tracking systems, but the new Toughshield will take this offering to a new level. This device means that we can provide our customers with exceptional service and offer them the latest communication solutions."

 February 22, 2013
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Instacom expands service offerings to the Western Cape.

BY dmi

Instacom, a South African based telecommunications company specialising in push to talk communication sets their sites on the Western Cape.  After much success throughout Eastern Cape, KZN and Gauteng, it was only a matter of time before this strategic move was put into motion.


Instacom’s latest product the Toughsield is revolutionising enterprise communication and workflow management in and around South Africa.  Utilising the latest push to talk and guard patrolling technology, the Toughshield is quickly becoming the product of choice in the security industry.  Unlimited communication at a fixed monthly rate, highly stable communication over mobile networks and no need for antennas or radio towers makes it easy to see why this product is a must have in any security company.


Kyran Van Rooyen, marketing manager of Insacom said “A decision to move into the Western Cape was always inevitable. We knew that it would only be a matter of time before it was necessary to offer our products and services to companies on the west coast.  What we did not anticipate was that it would happen this fast.


The fast adoption of Instacom’s Toughshield is largely due to the perfect fit between technology and industry needs.  Having the ability to record the time and attendance of guards, prompt staff to perform tasks on site, having state of the art reporting capabilities and highly stable communication are all crucial aspects to security guard patrolling. Having them on the same device however is proving costly to live without. 


Instacom’s is always looking to expand into new territories with dedicated sales agents across the country.  Call us on 0796421601 or email us on for a free company demo or an opportunity to join Instacom’s thriving team of agents. 

 February 12, 2013
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Instacom utilises revolutionary technology to change front of workflow communication in security industry

BY nstaco

Instacom, a South African-based telecommunications company and exclusive Mobile Tornado partner, has launched its latest product, the Toughshield. The Toughshield is an all-in-one guard monitoring, management and communication solution tailored to fit the needs of any security company in Africa.

The new Toughshield is unique as it offers the latest in push-to-talk communication technology. In comparison to modern trunking, digital and two-way radios, the Toughshield functions using mobile networks, which allows for incomparable stability, high durability, and international coverage. The technological advancement in the device allows users to instantly communicate to one or many receivers in a secure group, to anywhere around the world, at a single push of the button.

The Toughshield device utilises the latest in near field communication technology. NFC allows the device to easily scan reprogrammable recognition tags as well as 1D and 2D bar codes. In the security industry, this technology becomes extremely useful when tags or bar codes are strategically placed in predetermined locations, allowing staff to be monitored in the most effective way.

Capable of reporting the most complex incidents, the Toughshield uses free text message, pictures and sound clips to perfectly explain any situation to the right recipient at the right time, instantly. Working in a bustling industry-like security, various programmable instances can be loaded to the device improving the functionality and efficiency of any user, and thus taking customer service to the next level.

Increasingly, companies are considering the benefits of investing in innovative ways to improve everyday workflow efficiency. The security industry is growing rapidly, with more than 8 800 security businesses in South Africa. With increasing competitive pressures, companies are inclined to think critically about improving operational practices and providing the highest quality customer service.

Nellis Basson, director of Instacom, said: "Until now, we have provided our customers with a range of push-to-talk and tracking systems, but the new Toughshield will take this offering to a whole new level. This device means that we can provide our customers with exceptional service and offer them the latest communication solutions."

Instacom, the exclusive distributor of the Toughshield, is continuously striving to harness the latest technology to provide state-of-the-art communication and workflow management solutions in Africa.

To enquire about the Toughshield, and other push-to-talk (PTT) solutions, contact Instacom at 087 941 2624 or via e-mail at

 February 04, 2013
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Press Release

Instacom - Exclusive Partner for Mobile Tornado

BY dmi

Mobile Tornado Group plc (AIM : MBT), a leading provider of instant communications for mobile, has today announced an exclusive partnership with NECO, a supplier of emergency, safety and security products, to deliver Push to Talk (PTT) mobile communications services into the South African market.

NECO has invested heavily in the PTT market and has formed a new division called Instacom. This partnership with Mobile Tornado will enable a wide range of South African organisations, from both the public and private sector including the emergency services, to benefit from a variety of PTT, Push to Locate and Push to Alert applications allowing them to communicate with their employees more effectively and efficiently than when using conventional mobile services and private mobile radio.

Nellis Basson, director of Instacom said: "Until now, we have provided our customers with a range of two-way radio and tracking systems, but Push to Talk will take this offering to a whole new level. It means that we can give our customers more choice and provide them with new communications solutions."

Instacom's customers include the emergency services and security companies where reliable communications can often mean the difference between life and death in many cases. Mobile Tornado's PTT services allow these organisations to communicate with staff no matter where they are, and there are also additional personal health and safety benefits, as this technology not only pin points the location of lone workers, it also allows them to send distress alerts when significant events or major issues arise.

Jeremy Fenn, managing director, Mobile Tornado Group plc said: "South Africa has a burgeoning mobile communications market and we are delighted to be working with NECO as it rolls out Push To services to its customers in the security and emergency services sectors.

"Mobile Tornado has already been adopted by a major mobile operator, and from our vast experience of delivering similar services into other countries around the world, this agreement means that more South African based companies can start to benefit from Push to Talk services."

Mobile Tornado's patented Internet Protocol Radio Service (IPRS) technology has been successfully deployed in networks around the world.  The suite of IP-based, OMA standards-compliant, services provide real time, 'always-on', bandwidth-efficient communications across a range of mobile networks and devices, including compatibility with forthcoming LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G mobile networks.

About Mobile Tornado Group plc

Mobile Tornado Group (AiM: MBT) specialises in the provision of Instant Communications applications for mobile devices, with a focus on enterprise workforce management. The company's three main applications are Push to Talk, Push to Locate and Push to Alert, enabling organisations to communicate with their employees more effectively and cost efficiently than conventional mobile services and competing private mobile radio solutions. By equipping their workforce with conventional mobile handsets and MBT applications, a company can communicate with one or many employees simultaneously, track employee locations, and immediately be alerted of major issues.

Mobile Tornado has offices in the U.S, Germany, Israel, India and China.

For more information about Mobile Tornado please visit

About Neco and Instacom

NECO, now known as Instacom specialises in Communication, Security solutions and various Tracking Solutions, with focus on providing cost effective solutions to our customers. Through years of experience in the Security industry, although catering for all sectors of the market, one of the company's objectives is to supply a complete Guarding solution for the security industry: Two way radio (Push to Talk), Live Guard Patrol (Push to Locate) and Panic button (Push to Alert). Security Guards will now have one IP67 rated device to communicate, Patrol and Panic all in one extremely tough and durable cell phone.

Instacom Head Office in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

For more information please visit 

 October 01, 2010
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