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Why Mobile Network Operators engage Instacom ?

Roland Van Der Walt
 June 30, 2019
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This document serves as information about why MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators) around the world engage with Instacom.
Over the last 30 odd years, technology has changed and excelled from very basic systems or products to smaller, faster, better, more value for less.

With this change, comes challenges and in the MNO world, voice income revenue stream declines and data revenue are growing exponentially.

The question in all meetings when engaging with MNO’s… when all users in the country have a phone or 2 and are connected to a network, how do I, as a MNO, generate and grow my business or more specifically my bottom-line?

The simple answer is, add value to existing clients and or to think outside the box and revolutionize products being used or services being done currently, without being connected. For example, replace 2-way radio with Push to Talk Technology or paperboard with an app. Having 4.5 million people in a workforce industry using products with no sim and converting them into your client base, offer huge revenue growth.

However, the network needs partners to assist in growing this arm. MNOs doesn’t have the capacity or apatite to start supporting various IOT solutions. Implementing teams to drive around and support people out in the field etc. is not part of scope at all. The partnership drive has been very successful around the world since the network keeps doing what they’re good at and the partner deliver on product and support.  

In this area, B2B, you have multiple verticals to create additional revenue. Push to Talk is one of them, a sim card in a water or electricity reader is another, or even a sim card in a geyser, giving the client the opportunity to see his consumption live and is extremely successful.
The Instacom solution offer workforce solutions to most industries around the world as a market leading, reliable product, backed by exceptional service.

A feature-rich solution resolving problems for all industry by offering a mobile application to capture real-time, always-on data like tracking, SOS (man down), Access control, checklists, Push to Talk, control room monitoring, incidents, etc.  

As an MNO, you can offer the solution to all businesses in the country and is sold as a VAS (value-added service).

The most exciting part of the solution is that it fits in as a core for most RFP or tender processes, especially with government infrastructure.

We have police, military organizations, ambulance (EMS) services, some of the biggest security companies in the world like G4S and Securitas on our platform, also including some of the biggest mining companies like Anglo American.

The solution offers a multi-billion-dollar revenue stream to MNOs around the world.
One of the reasons why Vodafone onboarded Instacom as Technology vendor.

Among mobile operator groups globally, Vodafone ranked fifth by revenue and second (behind China Mobile) in the number of connections (469.7 million) as of 2016. Vodafone owns and operates networks in 26 countries and has partner networks in over 50 additional countries.
This is a brief summary to emphasize that MNOs need to have a B2B extension to grow revenue. This area requires a unique set of rules to enable the team to be solution architects and build million-dollar solutions with clients.
The Differentiator:

Instacom doesn’t just offer a solution, we understand every detail of the pillars needed to ensure a successful B2B environment and have implemented the HSNS dynamic concept which consists of Hardware, Software, Network and Support within one company, increasing efficiency, and productivity to clients.

We have hardware specialists in design and manufacture, hardware repair, inhouse development and IT, and 24/7 customer care center with technicians on the ground during office hours.
We become the technology partner for every client.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to engage or need additional information.

By Roland Van Der Walt 

Chief Marketing Officers

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